The Kitchen Triangle

As you work your way around the kitchen the seamless actions you are taking are not simply coincidence but a clever layout design.

Kitchen design is not just about making everything look good, there is a method to why things are placed where they are, and that method is the kitchen triangle.

What is the kitchen triangle?

Many years ago, kitchens were a small place reserved for preparing meals only. The kitchen triangle concept was introduced to give a small kitchen a more efficient layout. The kitchen triangle is based on the fact that the stove, refrigerator and sink are the most used places in the kitchen, if placed in a relatively equilateral triangle it makes for a more seamlessly flowing kitchen.

Nowadays, the kitchen is a hub of activity where meals are prepared, coffees are shared, and families spend time together. Kitchens tend to be much bigger than years ago with more focus on it being a shared environment. Whilst this is the case, the kitchen triangle is still very relevant in kitchen designs today.

Kitchen renovations on the Gold Coast that work

When people decide to do their own kitchen designs and kitchen renovations they might find that their kitchen doesn’t run as smoothly as it did before, and that’s the lack of the kitchen triangle.

At Kitchen Builders Queensland on the Gold Coast, we believe that a good kitchen design is the foundation for a great kitchen renovation.

Our kitchen renovation experts are on hand to assist with all your needs. Once you’ve chosen us to do your kitchen renovation, we will come to you and measure your kitchen and discuss a preliminary layout. We love hearing customer’s feedback and their perspectives on what they want, and we work with you to ensure you get the kitchen renovation you want, whilst retaining the natural flow of the kitchen.

Why settle for any kitchen renovation company when you can have the best?

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