New Year? New kitchen!

As we all start getting used to writing 2015 instead of 2014, it’s hard to dismiss the fact that the new year has well and truly settled in. Home improvement has become a big resolution for many Aussies as they try and individualise their little slice of paradise. The kitchen has moved on from its traditional role of food preparation and has become a central hub of the home. From entertaining to homework, the kitchen is a communal area and new kitchens are embracing this change in their design.

Whether you are making your morning coffee, cooking a lamb roast for the family or having a few friends over for drinks, the kitchen is undeniably the heart of the home. Renovating the kitchen can open up endless possibilities, completely change the look of your home and give you the touch of individuality you’ve always dreamed of.

Kitchen trend longevity varies significantly. When designing your ideal kitchen it is best to work on what you like, instead of what is ‘in’ at that moment. However, there are some trends that are standing the test of time – and that’s for good reason.

An open plan kitchen is a sought after feature in new homes. Incorporating the formal dining area helps to create the communal meeting place that many people are craving. Individual dining areas are now being fully integrated into a ‘great room’ that is perfect for entertaining and socialising.

New kitchens with dual work areas are also becoming very popular. Extended counter space can only mean one thing – grab your helpers! With one area for the kids to make an after school snack (and clean up after themselves) and a second area for someone to work on dinner, there can never be too many cooks in the kitchen.

Storage can make the difference between a good looking kitchen and a functional kitchen. What used to be a simple and fast process has now become one of the hardest decisions. The freedom to completely customise every aspect of cabinetry is a popular trend in new kitchens at the moment. When you’ve finally picked a style you need to pick colours. The final version of your completely personalised kitchen will have a uniqueness that you will truly appreciate.

When it comes to countertops and splashbacks you have two trending routes – natural or manmade. From white clean lines to a homely feel, it’s all about how you want to customise it. The stand out trend at the moment is the increased use of timbergrains in the kitchen. Accentuated grains help add to the organic look.

The overall style of your new kitchen can help with the smaller decisions, and it looks like the fight between traditional and modern styling is still strong. Varying from clean, straight lines to a more homely and warm colour palette. Whichever style you choose, both have the ability to add value to your home.

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