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Kitchen renovation tips

A new kitchen can lift the whole appearance of a house, especially if the home is open plan. With so many magazines showcasing so many ideas and styles on the market it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start. We’ve complied a short lists of things to consider when you are looking at what kitchen suits your home and your needs.

  • Don’t go minimalist with your storage. Some people take out some of the storage space and cabinets in their kitchen to enhance the look, but end up with clutter on the work surface as they don’t have room to accommodate everything. Going minimalist is great in theory, but in practice, a kitchen needs a lot of tools, utensils and food to make it work, and they all take space. When it comes time to sell, many buyers will see this as a negative. However, it is also a good rule of thumb to not cover every inch of your kitchen with cabinets, whilst it is important to utilise the space as best as possible, too many cabinets can become unsightly and begin to make the kitchen look cluttered.
  • When buying your appliances, don’t skimp on where it matters. Kitchen appliances are the most used in the house and need to be good quality, durable and hardwearing. They can also set the kitchen off and give a touch of class and/or colour. In the long-run the better quality appliances are more energy efficient and will save you money over time.
  • Don’t sacrifice sunlight to add more storage space. Depending on your home you could consider a skylight to get more natural light into your home, however this does not assist with the fresh air an open window can provide, especially in a kitchen environment.
  • Don’t let the look of a kitchen over take the practicalities needed. The kitchen work triangle is a delicate balance that makes cooking a much more seamless task, so make sure you don’t make it look good but make it a functional a nightmare.
  • Make sure your kitchen materials are all durable and will stand the test of time. A quality kitchen not only looks good but will last many years, therefore, whilst it may be a hefty investment it is one that won’t be needed for quite some time.

Call Kitchen Builders Queensland to discuss how we can help and assist with your kitchen renovation.  Our approach to kitchen renovations is simple. After an initial discussion or email to express your needs, we make an appointment to visit the home, perform a site measure and discuss a preliminary layout. Indication of product choices are made from our selections of benchtops and cabinet finishes.