Kitchen Renovation: How do you know it’s time?

Kitchen renovations - Gold Coast - Nerang - (before - after)Kitchen renovations - Gold Coast - Nerang - (before - after)

Renovating your kitchen is a big investment, and something most people consider it for years before finally acting. So, how do you when it’s the right time? Here is our advice on the signs that you need a kitchen renovation.

1. It Isn’t Functional

If you find yourself struggling with the daily-use of your kitchen and it’s awkward to use, then this is one of the biggest signs that you are in need of a new kitchen. It might be that it’s closed in, the layout is inefficient or there’s no counter space, but whatever it is, it’s time for an updated kitchen design.

2. It Looks Old

Visually, if your kitchen looks old and dated, then it’s definitely due for a new one. Inefficient, dated appliances and décor are one of the biggest reasons for why people decide to go ahead with a kitchen renovation. If you feel like your stepping back in time whenever you enter your kitchen, then maybe you should consider upgrading it.

3. No Storage Space

There’s nothing more frustrating than limited storage. It creates clutter and inefficient spaces everywhere you go. It consumes your counter space and sometimes it may even feel like its consuming your life. Break into some great storage solutions with a new kitchen design and reno! Your life and your kitchen will thank you.

4. It’s Falling Apart

If your kitchen is showing signs of damage or wear and tear then a renovation should be in your immediate future! Don’t let things literally fall apart around you in order to see the light.

Kitchen Builders Queensland can assist you with your new kitchen renovation and kitchen design needs. No matter your style or layout demands, we have the expertise and experience to transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams. Give your Gold Coast home the attention and the stunning kitchen it deserves!
Don’t waste time spending large amounts of money re-facing your kitchen once it’s over 20 years old. The internals aren’t the expensive part. If you do it properly, it will last another 30 years. Especially, with the great products available today.