Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

So, you want to renovate your kitchen, but maybe you don’t have enough money to buy top of the range products. Not to worry, here are some helpful expert tips from our kitchen design team to help you re-do your kitchen without ruining your savings account.

Don’t Be Too Cheap…

If your kitchen is in bad shape, then you’re going to have to spend money. Going the inexpensive route whenever possible is great, but if materials are starting to fall apart then you need to replace them. Simply sticking a coat of paint over a falling apart cabinet isn’t going to do anything to increase the value of your home, so it’s a waste of time and money.

Consider what needs the most attention. If your cabinetry is in bad condition, replacing them will add to the value of your home, thus a worthwhile spend. It may also be a good time to consider knocking out that wall separating the kitchen from the living area. Don’t just replace one thing and consider it done, save on trades and materials to get it all done at once.

Consider the Materials for Your New Kitchen

There is such a wide variety of materials available, making the right choices for your budget is essential. If your budget is low, you should consider laminate benchtops instead of stone. Choose melamine cabinetry instead of 2 Pac. Making these material choices to suit your budget will save you thousands. You can still achieve a beautiful new and modern looking kitchen without picking the most expensive products. This is the key!


There is no need for expensive branded appliances. Make sure you buy a known brand – to ensure it will be serviced if something goes wrong, but keep it moderate. Shop online to get great deals.

Fantastic Flooring!

There are a myriad of modern flooring options that are relatively inexpensive and some of them are even designed to be laid right overtop your old flooring, so you won’t even incur the demo costs. New flooring can transform the look of your kitchen design all while making your home flow and feel brand new. Win-win if you ask us!

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Little details make a big difference! Don’t leave behind the old yellow light switches and power-points, or outdated sink and tapware! They are inexpensive little details that are going to make a huge impact on the overall finish of your new kitchen.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation you should consult with an expert. Kitchen Builders Queensland can work within your budget to help create a new kitchen design that will work for you and your bank account. Offering complete kitchen renovations we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.