Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Colour Scheme

When renovating your kitchen, you want to make sure you are choosing the perfect kitchen colour scheme. To help, here are some timeless colour options, that will ensure a stunning kitchen for many years to come.

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Black & White

Contrasting black and white is a fashionable and long-lasting colour scheme option, one that is very pleasing and easy to live with. It is a look that will make your accessories stand out, and create a smart and sophisticated kitchen design that will never date. Stick to crisp, bright shades of these colours in order to make the most eye-catching and impactful look. If you only have a small space available for your kitchen renovation, be sparing with your use of black as it can make the room feel even smaller if you use too much of it.

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Natural Tones

If a warm, homely feel is what you are wanting the result of your kitchen renovation to be, then natural tones is the right colour scheme for you. These soft and inviting colours looks great in both modern and traditional style kitchen designs. If you have the budget for it, consider using natural looking stone products as part of your new kitchen in order to create an authentic style.

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White, White and More White

Perhaps the most timeless design style for a kitchen, it is the easiest colour for a myriad of reasons and won’t clash with any accessory choices or colours. It is a sophisticated, fresh and bright look that you can make pop with dark flooring and feature walls. Be careful not to pick shades that are too warm and will add a yellow hue to your new kitchen, nor shades that are too crisp as they can sometimes add a clinical feel to the space. Consulting with a kitchen design and kitchen renovation expert is a great idea as they can view the space and recommend the best white colour shade to suit your spaces size and lighting.

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Soft Grey

Using soft, subtle colours like light blues, soft greys, antique whites and muted coffee colours are a great way to create a timeless colour scheme to suit most every kitchen design. When using soft grey, you’ll want to make sure you add in a bit of contrast so that it doesn’t become boring.

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White & Timber

The natural beauty of timber is a welcoming and homely feel that you will be happy with for many years to come. Contouring this with white for a beautiful contrast will add a beautiful soothing effect to the space. Stick to natural coloured timbers, and make sure you don’t go too red or dark as most people tend to tire of these looks more easily than others. The choice of crisp white or a more creamy white will depend on whether you were wanting a traditional or contemporary design for your new kitchen.

Kitchen Builders Queensland will help you design your new kitchen with a layout and colour scheme that works. We will work with you to develop the ideal plan to suit your Gold Coast home and kitchen space.