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Design – “Will a qualified designer, design my kitchen?”

Yes. Your kitchen will be designed by a qualified designer who will listen to your ideas and create your perfect kitchen.

Specifications – “Will I receive plans for my new kitchen?”

Yes. We will provide specific detailed plans ready for production. This will ensure all trades have clear working drawings on site. (once a contract has been signed and deposit has been paid).

Manufacture – “Are your kitchens customised?”

Yes. All of our kitchens are custom built to suit the design. They are NOT standard boxes that must be altered to fit. You will not be given a compromised design. All kitchens are Queensland built with the best Australian Industry Standards and quality available.

Site Management and Installation – “Will anyone be overseeing my renovation?”

Yes. All of our kitchen renovations are completely site checked and managed by Kitchen Builders Queensland. The trades are all fully licenced and insured. Kitchen Builders Queensland is involved ON SITE for all key quality checkpoints including a final clean on handover.

Referral – “Do you have a referral program?”

Yes we do. As we rely on your complete satisfaction for the goods and service we provide, over 70% of our business comes from referral. Take part in our program which rewards our existing customers when referring new clients.

Costs – “How much does a kitchen cost?”

The price will vary depending on a couple of key factors. Is your kitchen small, average, large or extra large? Will you choose laminate or stone benchtops? Which materials will your kitchen be built from and what accessories are to be included? As a general guideline, kitchens cost from $7000 – $15000. And can go either side of these figures dependent on selections.