Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions

There’s nothing more satisfying than an organised kitchen. Sometimes it can seem a hard to get everything in order with all the gismos, gadgets, bulky items, pots and pans, small bits and pieces, and you can be sure the second you throw one of them out you’ll need it.

Before you start, a good de-clutter is a great way to save some space. Have you used that lemon zester? Nope, then throw it.

Once you’ve had a kitchen renovation, don’t ruin it with mess and chaos, get some order in the kitchen with our great storage ideas.

Great storage solutions that will enhance your kitchen renovation

  • Group your items together. By keeping saucepans in one place and baking equipment in another, you won’t be pulling everything out trying to find things.
  • Drawer dividers are so simple, but so effective. They keep order even with that rogue spatula.
  • Hook it up. Why not pop your pans and cooking utensils on hooks on the wall? Not only will it make for a nice feature, you can also easily reach them when you are creating a culinary masterpiece.
  • Sick of digging into the cupboard for something to eat? Why not use drawers? This is a great way to maximise deep cupboard space.
  • Adding in an additional tier of shelving, even temporary can assist with maximising space.
  • Organising your food with coloured tubs is a great way to locate the kid’s lunchbox items without digging through the cupboard.
  • Don’t let a small cupboard go to waste when you can add a spice rack to it.

Clever kitchen renovations on the Gold Coast

Talk to the kitchen specialists at Kitchen Builders Queensland on the Gold Coast, our kitchen renovations aren’t just beautiful they are also functional. We implement clever storage ideas, so you can keep your kitchen neat and organised. Call 07 5500 4262 to start your kitchen project.