Kitchen Renovations - Gold Coast - How a kitchen renovation can make Christmas day a breeze

How a kitchen renovation can make Christmas day a breeze

Is your kitchen outdated and looking a little worse for wear these days? Let’s face it, we put our kitchens through a lot. It’s the room of the house that we spend most of our time in. We spill drinks, drop eggs, cover the bench in food and the floor in crumbs. If there is one room in the house that could always use a facelift, it’s the heart of the home.

With Christmas only five weekends away, every Kitchen on the Gold Coast is about to be put to the test. From clearing out that overworked fridge to try and make room for every salad (and the whipped cream) through to trying to fit the roast chook and ham into the oven at the same time, Christmas lunch is an easy way to decide when it’s time for a kitchen renovation.

Whether you have tiles from the 70s, cupboards that are falling off their hinges, or a fridge that only cools when it feels like it, it’s probably time to think about a kitchen renovation. If your kitchen just doesn’t work for you and your family, or no longer suits the style of your home, you’re in luck.

At Kitchen Builders Queensland, we have experience with over 7,000 kitchen renovations, and we know how to make your kitchen work and look like you want it to.

Here are our tips for making sure your next Christmas lunch goes off without a hitch.

Choose an oven that cooks efficiently

It’s time to retire your old if it takes four hours to bake some Christmas cookies. Any kitchen space can be spruced up with a new oven. The options are endless and can accommodate for any individual cooking style. Steam ovens are very popular at the moment as their moist cooking method helps food retain more flavour and nutrients while preventing it from drying out.

Invest in a fridge that conserves power

Fridges have come a long way over their lifetime. If you want access to cool water without opening the door, ice cubes at the press of a button, or even a TV screen built in, you can have it all. Once you’ve decided what features you can’t go without (and made sure the four salads and leftover roast ham will fit) it’s time to consider energy efficiency.

Conscience free green cleaning

Dishwashers make our lives a lot easier. Although they still do that, now they can also save you big on your water bill. Having all the relatives over for lunch means one thing, dishes (and a lot of them). Invest in a water efficient dishwasher that is big enough to clean up after your family, and powerful enough to do it without you having to rinse every plate.

Make a kitchen retreat

Kitchen islands are one of the most popular items to incorporate during a kitchen renovation. People have even decided to remove walls to make space for the new addition. A great kitchen island will add storage, increase functionality, and be customised to suit your needs. Some are used for extra seating, food preparation, or as room for new appliances in the area.

Is it time for you to stop fighting with your kitchen and start making the space work for you? With over 50 years’ combined experience, Kitchen Builders Queensland have helped over 7000 people renovate their kitchens. Our expert team can give you the right advice, and can help you through every step of your kitchen renovation.

With our help, your next Christmas lunch is going to be a breeze.