Kitchen Renovations - Gold Coast - How to Choose Styles That Work with Your House

How to Choose Styles That Work with Your House

If you’re one of those people who is not quite sure what design style suits you or your home best and you find yourself questioning every fixture and every choice, then here is how you can better pinpoint your style. No matter if you are building an entirely new home, undergoing a kitchen renovation or simply wanting a new kitchen design, here’s how you can better choose a style that will work with your house.

1. When are choices easy?

What area of your life do you excel in and know your style or tastes so well that decisions are easy and quick? Whether its fashion, baking or even cars, look at what characteristics from these areas that you like. It might be minimalist, flashy, luxurious, vibrant, etc. Whatever you prefer in those areas may translate into your home or kitchen design style.

2. Where is your dream destination?

If you adore the bold colours of a tropical vacation, the traditional elegance of a French getaway or the earthy and muted tones of a Tuscan destination, then you can bring similar design styles into your interiors. Finding ways to translate these styles into your home design can be done through colours, fixtures, space and texture.

3. Create an Ideas Board

There are so very many home design magazines available to you. Purchase a few and rip out the looks that you like. Identify what parts of each image it is that you like about them. Style an ideas board to help you look at the big picture of what it is you like and want in your home.

4. Get Help

You’re not an expert, so maybe you should consider consulting with someone who is? Kitchen Builders Queensland has over 50 years of combined experience in the kitchen renovation and kitchen design industry. All of our customers gain the benefits of these skills and are delighted with the results that we achieve for their Gold Coast home.