How to add luxe features to your kitchen while on a budget

When renovating your kitchen, the little added extras can make all the difference, but they all start adding up.

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to give your kitchen renovation that added pizzazz.

Add some luxe to your kitchen renovation without breaking the budget.

  • When carrying out your kitchen renovation adding the right handles can add elegance to your kitchen. Such an inexpensive item can provide a stunning finish and really lift the profile of the room.
  • Lighting can enhance a kitchen and take it the next level. A beautiful fixture in the right place can add a focal point for the room that adds value and ambience.
  • Tap wear does not need to be expensive but spending a few extra dollars on some elegant taps can add that touch of luxe to an otherwise basic kitchen.
  • The kitchen is the heart of the home, so make it a comfortable place to be. Incorporate comfortable and stylish seating into your kitchen. Why not accentuate your island by complementing it with some beautiful seating options?
  • Once you go matte, you’ll never go back. A matte finish can add texture and give your kitchen renovation a more opulent look.
  • No reflection is needed, adding mirrors to your home can help reflect natural light giving the perception of a much bigger home.

A kitchen renovation can look a million dollars without the price tag

Kitchen renovations can look a million dollars without the price tag. When you talk to Kitchen Builders Queensland on the Gold Coast we can advice on how to raise the profile of your kitchen renovation without raising the budget. Call 07 5500 4262 to start you new kitchen project.